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In Greece wedding and baptism reception identifies itself with music.Dancing and singing are an inseparable part of Greek culture and in connection with music can create an unforgettable event. 15 We are fully aware of the fact that success is not only defined by appropriate music choices made by the professional dj,but by appropriate sound and lights installation which will complete the atmosphere and everybody will enjoy themselves.

«According to researches ,despite the fact that entertainment facilities apply to the smallest part of the wedding expenses it is what the guests mostly remember after attending such an event.»

Together we will organise a memorable event!!!

NSSOUND is a company with 20 years of experience which is known for its professionalism in sound ,music and light coverage on every kind of social or professional event.We specialise in weddings/baptismsand our aim is to offer excellent high quality service.We personally make every effort to guarantee that everything is done efficiently to the slightest detail. We have made special packets which can provide you the opportunity to choose the one which will definitely meet your requirements.We believe that music in receptions is of great importance as it can tell your story from the wedding ceremony till the last dance!Together we eill organise a high standard event!!!

NS Sound Wedding

Clauss 60 (Near Achaia Clauss) - 26500, Petroto, Patra
Telephone: +30 2610 276 262  / Mobile: +30 6972 956 172

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