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Nikiforos Spinos

The story starts somewhere in 1988 when you should have your own records in order to be able to play music and that could happen only if you saved money for a whole week.I believe that this can make my passion for my job obvious.I had been a radio producer at several radio stations back then namely SUPER B, FAROS, IMERA FM, DIAVLOS 513, until 1996. I have started dealing with weddings professionally in 1994,playing music with cassettes as there was no internet available to download music. You had to search wherever you could in order to download music.There was even the chance to try to record a song while it was being played on yhe radio. After that we finally made the decision to make our hobby our profession and NSSOUND was formally created in February 2002.21 years dealing with wedding receptions!! We are proud to say that we have played if not in thousands of receptions in hundrends!!To be honest we are being modest.We are organising wedding receptions based on traditional Greek music!!Weddings which start with walse and tango and finish with Disco!!We have spent endless hours at the office with couples so as to satisfy their requirements and most of all to cover their needs and make their dream come true.We always try to win their trust so as to make them feel comfortable and feel sure that a person who they trust will be there for them on their special day.Udoubtfully music is an integral part of the reception not to mention the most sensitive one.

Zaharias Zaharopoulos

Music has been my hobby since I was a child.I started playing music in parties and weddings in 2005. For the next two years I played music in clubs and other events such as wedding receptions and parties.I have acquired special expertise in various kinds of music such as Swing, Jazz, Biues, Easy Listening, Rhythm n Blues, Reggae, Latin, Disco, 80s, Rock from the 60s, Pop, House,Greek traditional pop and folclor of this era which are necessary in every traditional Greek fiesta.

Christos Georgakopoulos

Music is my great love!!It was the autumn of 1976 that I first went to a discoteque.Next year in February I was already working as a DJ with cassettes and vinyl records without any special equipment.

A lot of clubs, pubs and jazz -rock cafes came after that till today.

In 1983 I played at a wedding for the first time with juke box discs in 2000 I started playing more systematically and I continued playing since then....

NS Sound Wedding

Clauss 60 (Near Achaia Clauss) - 26500, Petroto, Patra
Telephone: +30 2610 276 262  / Mobile: +30 6972 956 172

Email: info@nssound.gr


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