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"An event successful is an unforgettable event"

The crystal clear sound of best quality is our main priority.The excellent music performed by a perfect sound system will get your guests carried away.Our equipment consists of high tech systems so that our experienced sound engineers will provide you with an excellent result.

If you are worried about the noise pollution we have the answer to your problem as our high tech speakers can deal efficiently with that problem,so that your party will last as long as you wish.

Finally as far as the renting is concerned we can cover every need of a live event ,which needs supplementary equipment.From sound equipment and lights to backline,( Drum set ,amplifiers ,pianos e.t.c.).

NSSOUND always combines the efficiency with the latest technology as it uses appropriate equipment and we provide spare equipment in case it is needed.


NS Sound Wedding

Clauss 60 (Near Achaia Clauss) - 26500, Petroto, Patra
Telephone: +30 2610 276 262  / Mobile: +30 6972 956 172

Email: info@nssound.gr


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